May 16, 2022

Schedule Announcement

 I will like to thank you for listening and inform you of what lies immediately ahead for the podcast. We just completed our goal of 12 podcasts for the 2021-2022 year, and we are very happy about it. We will renew our regular schedule of podcast releases in September, when the 2022-2023 academic year starts again. However, we are aware that summer classes do exist. So in July, we will have a couple of episodes to qualm your thirst for knowledge.
As always, feel free to contact us through email at
Thank you, and have a great and productive summer.

Global concerns about comparative economic development, growth, and inequality cannot be adequately assessed without attending to the core foundations that have shaped human history. Today, Oded Galor joins us to discuss his most recent book on this topic: The Journey of Humanity. We talk about why a unified approach to economic growth is needed, why population size, population composition, and technological change matter, and why we can be hopeful about humanity's future.

You can get the book here:


Culture and tradition are important determinants of human behavior that are usually perceived to be outside the proper scope of economics. Today, Nathan Nunn will join us to discuss his most recent paper delivered during the 2022 AEA Distinguished Lecture. We talk about why culture matters, how beliefs are formed, and when relying on tradition may pay off.


Most recent demographic projections suggest humanity will reach its population peak by the end of the century. What lies ahead is uncertain as it will be a first for our world. Today, Professor Jesús Fernández-Villaverde joins us to discuss the challenges and the opportunities that may come with the end of the world's demographic transition. 

Good managerial practices may help nations and firms increase productivity by rearranging existing resources into more efficient production processes. On the contrary, mismanagement---due to rent-seeking or out of pure neglect---can squander any growth opportunity. Understanding what good management entails and how can firms and countries achieve it is as crucial as ever. Today, Michela will talk to us about it.

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